Wisteria with Heart Sutra

Laura Milnor Iverson

Acrylic on Canvas
8" x 10"

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Wisteria with Heart Sutra Original Acrylic Painting by Laura Milnor Iverson

Side view:
Wisteria with Heart Sutra A flowering purple wisteria vine against a gentle golden sunset. A quote from the Zen Buddhist Heart of Perfect Wisdom sutra is painted in The Buddhist heart sutra is painted in calligraphy, after Ryokan:

Form itself is emptiness
Emptiness itself is form

The term "heart sutra" refers to the prayer at the heart of the Buddhist teachings. Writing it is a meditative practice.

This feng shui piece, part of the Golden Glow modern art series (botanical abstract landscapes in a contemporary Asian style), is an original acrylic painting on a gallery-wrapped stretched canvas (the 3/4" staple-free sides are finished off in purple acrylic)--no need to frame. It has been lightly varnished to protect the paint and preserve the lustrous colors. The copyright watermark does not appear on the actual painting.

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August 2006