Woman in a Red Shawl

Laura Milnor Iverson

Oil on Canvas
16" x 20"

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Woman in a Red Shawl hmbredshawl Original Oil Painting

Side view:
Woman in a Red Shawl
Looking like a banshee, a redheaded woman in a black dress with a red shawl stands contemplating the sea at Half Moon Bay. The dark grey clouds in the dramatic sky are broken by golden light. On a distant bluff, there is a bent cypress. This California ocean seascape is an original oil painting on a gallery-wrapped stretched canvas (the 3/4" sides are finished off in dark green acrylic)--no need to frame. Note that the copyright watermarks on the image do not appear on the actual painting.

If you would like the canvas fitted with picture wire, let me know at the time of purchase (no additional charge). The piece can be hung as is on one or two parallel nails but some people prefer hanging wire if the piece is going to be hung unframed.

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June 2005