Lenore in Lavender Moonlight

Laura Milnor Iverson

Acrylic on Canvas
20" x 16"

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Side view:
Lenore in Lavender Moonlight
In a white empire gown, the ghost of Lenore drifts among the tombstones of an abandoned cemetery, forgotten by all except the raven. The full moon illuminates the ghostly landscape of cypress trees and clouds. The night sky is in shades of lavender and purple, dotted with stars. In this haunted graveyard, calla lilies and red roses replace the flowers that were once brought. This Gothic fantasy landscape, inspired by the "The Raven" poem by Edgar Allan Poe, is an original acrylic painting on a gallery-wrapped stretched canvas (the 3/4" sides are finished off in purple acrylic)--no need to frame. It has been lightly varnished to protect the paint and preserve the lustrous colors. The copyright watermarks on the image do not appear on the actual painting.

If you would like the canvas fitted with picture wire, let me know at the time of purchase (no additional charge). The piece can be hung as is on one or two parallel nails but some people prefer hanging wire if the piece is going to be hung unframed.

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October 2010