Quan Yin in a Lotus Pond Handmade Rectangle Pendant Laura Milnor Iverson Official Site

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Quan Yin in a Lotus Pond Rectangle Pendant on Zen Cord (Unisex)

Quan Yin, the Buddhist goddess (Boddhisattva) of compassion, among branches of cherry blossoms, under a luminous full moon. She holds a dove in one hand and mala prayer beads in the other. Offered as a handcrafted pendant from artwork by Oregon Artist Laura Milnor Iverson.

Size: 3/4″ x 1 1/4″ or 20×30 mm (not including the bail, which is the loop that fits over the cord)

Material: Archival print topped with a glass cabochon. For the setting, bronze finish on zinc alloy.

A 20″ black cotton cord, closing with a hook and eye clasp, is included so the piece is ready to wear–great earthy style.

Please note that this wearable art is not waterproof.

I appreciate your interest in my artwork!

Standard Artist's Disclaimer: Every attempt has been made to portray the colors of this artwork accurately. Colors vary on different monitors, however.