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Welcome to the Zen Breeze Gallery featuring Fine Art to Refresh the Soul by California Artist Laura Milnor Iverson.

Working in styles both traditional and visionary, my primary theme is to express the soul of Nature. I have been painting most of my life. I am a native Californian and much of my inspiration comes from the beautiful natural landscape of the San Francisco Bay Area...the woods, the ocean, the rolling hills, the native wildflowers and wildlife. Even the surreal tree branches in the Zen series are often taken from the gnarled old oak trees I see on my walks. Other inspirations include teapots and animals, especially cats.

The Land celebrates the beauty of the land around us, including California landmarks and florals.

The Sea represents the changing mood of the ocean.

Visionary/Zen offers landscapes in a surreal Asian style, featuring a sun or moon. Soothing art for a retreat or for feng shui. Also included are scenes of Japanese Gardens.

Otherworldly Figures represent the beauty of the celestial and unseen realms...buddhas, goddesses, ghosts, mermaids, fairies, angels and other spiritual figures.

Imaginary contains images that have been artistically enhanced with digital techniques. There is no physical painting but a variety of print options are available.

Jewelry offers handmade jewelry from my paintings...wear a piece of fine art!

Great Stuff! provides information on giclee prints, calendars, apparel, mugs, shirts, cards, tote bags, mouse pads...even teddy bears.

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Latest Additions
Evening Blessing Original Painting by Laura Milnor Iverson
Evening Blessing

16" x 20"
Butterfly Meditation Necklace by Laura Milnor Iverson
Butterfly Meditation

Buddha Healing the Earth Meditation Original Painting by Laura Milnor Iverson
Buddha Healing the Earth

16" x 20"
Handmade Jewelry by Laura Milnor Iverson
Red Poppies

Green Tara in the Hall of Bamboo Original Painting by Laura Milnor Iverson
Green Tara in the Hall of Bamboo

16" x 20"

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