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A woman sits beneath a tree of life meditating in the afternoon sun.  While in contemplation, rainbow colors start swirling around her and her lovely Balinese cat appears next to her, as she often sat in life.  I had just lost my girl, Sky, the month before I painted this.  I did the background by pouring on colors and using a hair dryer to spread them out.  I didn't see the very clear Balinese cat appear in the paint at the time.  I am glad I didn't destroy her when I ran a fork through the paint to create the shimmering pattern, instead it only made her more ethereal.  I am so amazed that Sky came through to me in this wonderful manner.  I have the painting hanging in the bedroom, above the chair where she used to sleep. An original acrylic painting on a stretched canvas (the staple-free sides are painted). It has been varnished to protect the paint and preserve the lustrous colors.

Artist: Laura Milnor Iverson

Year Painted: 2024

Size: 12″ x 16″

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Watch me paint this: